And so it begins…

     So I’ve talked about doing this for a while.  To write a blog.  The thought is a bit scary, but then I’m probably taking myself a bit too seriously.  The audience I hope to attract includes my three children.  I figure they will always need instruction from me…whether they use it or not is their choice.  But  what I hope to share with them are the lessons I’m learning about our faith.  After 25 years, I’ve discovered it is a beautiful thing that can bring much peace and serenity.  The truth and clarity of it is also astonishing.  This concludes my first post. Now I only need to rally enough courage to share it with the world.


About Kathy Frein

I'm a daughter, wife, mother, or friend to the people in my life. I've discovered the beauty of my faith and want to share what I learn on my journey through life. I only want to share the Truth.
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