On believing in God…

Since I was a little girl, I have always known about God.  I suppose I accepted his existence because the people I loved the most told me stories about him. Because I  was in church every Sunday, those stories were reinforced by the lessons I learned in Sunday School.  My world was neat and tidy.  I was loved and cared for as a  child.  I was happy and secure and safe. It was a childhood  I think God wants for every young boy or girl. I never had reason to question the existence of a loving God who created this life for me.  I was simple that way.  I liked simplicity and tried not to make things too complicated or question too much.

When I grew older I began to consider the question “Why do I believe in God?”  If I hadn’t had him in my life since the beginning, would I be among those who choose to believe in God as an adult? Needless to say, I hope I would because I do have great faith.   But what if  I wasn’t sure whether God even existed.  If I had to persuade myself, what words would I use to convince myself that God is real and deserves my devotion.  My words could only do so much because faith has to enter the picture, but what would be my argument?

The first thing I’d point to would be creation itself.  I just don’t think all of creation came from chaos.  I think there is an intelligent design to creation and that intelligence is concentrated, embodied or exists somewhere! This intelligent yet invisible creator is the greatest scientist, engineer, chemist, physicist, physiologist, zoologist, botanist, marine biologist, geologist, and artist ever!  This creator knew certain laws were required to keep the stars in the sky, our bodies on this earth, and the earth moving around the sun.  This creator knew the power of  the atom and the delicate roles of  molecules and the other  minuscule tidbits of matter in inner space.  This creator knew how the elements he put on and in the earth would be used to one day produce energy.  He  knew the role of the food chain, the process of  osmosis, the principles of filtration, the characteristics of solids, and liquids, and gases and why we need  them all. He envisioned the processes of combustion, digestion, aviation, navigation, circulation, and procreation.  He foresaw cultures and races and languages and all the peoples of the world.  He sculpted the Asian, the European, the African, and the American and could see the beauty in all of them. He knew everything (that is good and true, but that’s another post!) that has filled up every textbook ever written. He knew what was needed to create a living, breathing, life-filled world that can sustain itself.  And then he made it  beautiful.

Intelligence created the color spectrum, the reflection of colors, the blues of the sky and the ocean, the greens of vegetation, the vivid reds, oranges, pinks, and violets of flowers, the pastels of rocks, the whites of clouds, the yellow of fire.  He created the principles of symmetry, of balance, of odd numbers, of the color wheel.  He astonishes us with the immensity of it all and with the fact that the smallest things do matter.   He applied the contrast of the soaring mountains with the low, flat prairie; the violent crash of falling waters with the serenity of  calm, still pools; the hot aridity of the desert, the humid lushness of the rain forest, and the piercing cold of the frigid tundra.  He used all of these when he created our world.  There is such beauty in creation.  If I contemplate on the beauty of nature, its majesty and grandeur, its variety, its changing seasons, and its cycle of life, this great creation leads me to a brilliant creator.

This beautiful creation leads me to God.


About Kathy Frein

I'm a daughter, wife, mother, or friend to the people in my life. I've discovered the beauty of my faith and want to share what I learn on my journey through life. I only want to share the Truth.
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2 Responses to On believing in God…

  1. Anna Frein says:

    Wow! This is great, momma. I’ve never thought about God’s creation in such a specific way before.

  2. elsie keenan says:

    WOW!! Thank you so much…Love Elsie

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