I Vote My Beliefs

So I really don’t like it out here.  You know, out here in the public square.  I don’t often confront someone unless I feel very strongly about something.  And, if I do say something, later I will inevitably think of something I wish I had said.  That’s how an introvert’s mind works and I am most definitely an introvert. I don’t think quickly on my feet or have quick responses, but give me some time to think about things and then I can give you my opinion or my side of the argument. So here I am attempting to explain what I feel about the upcoming election in written form .  It has been edited and reedited and edited again until the words feel just right. So here goes…

I vote pro life so I will vote Republican in the upcoming election. As a Catholic Christian, I believe life begins at conception so abortion is off the table for me and my vote.  In an early Christian document called the Didache, also known as The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, it is written “You shall not murder a child in destruction nor shall you kill one just born.” Other sources translate it to mean “you shall not abort a child or commit infanticide.” This document is thought to have been written toward the end of the first century and was used as an early teaching manual for new Christians. So during the first century, Christians were taught that abortion is a sin and I believe it remains a sin today. Just because a democracy or its judges vote to allow abortion does not make it right. Jesus came to show us the Truth and I believe His Truth is unchanging. In John 14:6, “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'” Truth is timeless and is not changed by the vote of a congregation or country or by judges who sit on the Supreme Court. I believe God, our creator, wants us to live a certain way according to His wishes and not by our wishes. If we choose to follow Christ, then we must choose to follow His teachings.  It may not be easy to hold these beliefs. With it comes difficulties and suffering, but persevering in them will also bring me much joy in eternity. Someone once said,  “Truth doesn’t change because of our ability to stomach it.” The candidate may be tough to stomach, but his party’s platform is one I can support.

Now on to my next point. Please watch the following video of Hillary Clinton at The Women in the World Summit last year.

Hillary Clinton wants to change my  “deep seated religious beliefs.”  How does she propose to do that? Freedom of religion permits a person to practice or live out his or her religion as he or she believes and this practice can be done publicly. As an American, I have this right based on The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution. Among other things it ensures that there is no prohibition on the free exercise of religion. So I have the right as an American to practice or express my religion as I believe. It becomes an issue for me when a presidential candidate states she wants to change my beliefs as a Christian. This is one of the reasons why many came to the New World all those years ago…so they could live out their faith as they felt they should.

So if Hillary Clinton is elected, am I to expect my government  to dictate my religious convictions? Aside from the fact I think a democracy is the greatest type of government around, I don’t have much faith in it instructing me spiritually.  I think separation of church and state has been taken to an extreme and there is an absence of God in our government. I don’t think today’s America is what the founding fathers had in mind when they drafted our founding documents. I am having to face the fact that we are increasingly becoming a secular society that doesn’t want God’s input on heavy matters of life or death. However, as an American, I want my Christian beliefs to be heard and respected.  Sadly, I am now accused of being against women and their right to choose. I am called a bigot because I don’t hold that women should have a choice. What about those babies, the most vulnerable of humanity, who are allowed legally to be killed in the womb? They had no choice regarding their conception or their death. Remember slavery was legal once too. Because something is legal does not make it right.

Hillary Clinton’s plan to change “deep seated religious beliefs” concerns scares me. If elected she could select up to three new Supreme Court justices. How will their likely progressive views change the practice of religion in America? Will the public exercise of my religion be slowly taken away from me by future Supreme Court rulings? Will I have to worship in private so as not to offend anyone? How can I be a “light to the world” behind closed doors? Could I even share the Good News with others in that environment? Will religious hospitals be mandated to offer abortions or contraception by our government? As a nurse, would I have to assist with an abortion by my employer? Could I be fired if I refused?  Will my tax dollars pay for abortions or insurance that covers abortifacients? Will I be prosecuted and persecuted because I hold different beliefs than my government? It’s something I have thought about a lot lately. I’m most sad that my grandchildren might live in an America that has  little regard for a person’s religious convictions or the lives of the unborn. I mourn that our country has devalued life as it has.

The debate between the two sides is angry, hurtful, and contentious. There seems to be little respect between them. If anyone from the opposite camp reads this, I want you to know I grieve the contention between us. I’m sad we’re engaged in this argument. However I must recognize I was warned about this battle a long time ago. In the passage from the Gospel of Matthew 10:21-23, Jesus said people would hate me because I follow Him and  I know He speaks the Truth.




About Kathy Frein

I'm a daughter, wife, mother, or friend to the people in my life. I've discovered the beauty of my faith and want to share what I learn on my journey through life. I only want to share the Truth.
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